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Mobile Digital Transformation

Mobile Digital Transformation

In the age of ever-changing and developing technology, we’re witnessing internet turning even the least technologic parts of our lives online. Technological breakthroughs stemming from the goal of making life easier have gained incredible momentum with Covid-19 pandemic and are no longer comfortable options but requirements for the life we had before. Starting with smart phones, every smart technology is now in every moment of our lives. This has been a luxury however not anymore.

Four of top five industries driving the developed world economy are constantly mentioned with high technology and innovation. Quickly adapting to digital transformation, and most of the time leading this revolution, many companies had seen unprecedented growth. These are construction, retail, non-durable manufacturing and on the very top, unironically, technology, especially with smart technologies. Starting with smart phones, smart devices are now extremely affordable and are with us pretty much every moment. This accelerates the flow of data and allows us to use time efficiently.

These four have been this way for a long time because of the revenues they bring and the cut-throat competition they have within their respective environments. A fifth, previously not-so-hot, industry seems to take the lead in research and advancement very recently because of the circumstances, Medical and Healthcare. All the casual plans are now thrown away and people are ambitiously working for vaccines, ventilators, negative pressured hospital rooms, pharmaceuticals and more.

Effects of Digitalization on An Individual Level

Looking at this transformation, one might call Health 4.0, on an individual’s perspective, there are three main steps to it all; diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment. Following an appointment with the doctor there is usually no need for the patient to visit again though it’s the most common practice today. This part of the process can easily be executed through an encrypted video call between the patient and the doctor, where either party has every instrument and possibility to ask questions, get answers, see documents, share test results and pretty much everything else. This way physicians are with their patients any second necessary and can be immediately notified in case of an emergency.

Smartphone Factor

The undeniable comfort brought by mobile revolution works its magic here too, because everything available on a computer for an end-user is available also on mobile. This way patients can continue to follow medical data and even share with their doctors.

Fundamental Changes and Digitalization

This digital transformation most certainly is not just on an individual level and moves the entire industry while also pushing the scientific fields of it forward. Medical science, health management, advanced medical devices, and health communication are sure kept up to date with digital age we live in. Medical students have access to more and more resources every day, 3D printed organs are getting closer to becoming a reality.

These advancements help us increase life expectancy, quality of life, but they also remind us that nothing is impossible and technology is the future. One day medical science and technology are going to fulfill their potential together and today’s sci-fi will be nothing compared reality of future.