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Wall-E vs Dall-E

Wall-E vs Dall-E

"Anyone with the slightest interest in watching something on the big screen knows who or what Wall-E is. Similarly, anyone with the slightest interest in any form of art knows who Salvador Dali is. Wall-E symbolizes the hope we have in machines as human kind. Wall-E is dedicated, determined and focused except for his habit of stashing junk at home. Salvador Dali was nothing like Wall-E. Dali was as creative as our sweet head-over-heels-in-love robot friend is hardworking and, you know, robotic.

Now imagine the best features of those two. Yes, that happens to be Dall-E by Open AI. Although the name sounds kind of cheesy, Dall-E lives up to its name and deserves to be called artificial Salvador Dali because it can turn text into image with an impressive amount of creativity. Basically, Dall-E is a GPT-3 AI for images and creates incredible images following your text requests. Simply ask Dall-E to design a green clock with flower ornaments shaped like a turnip and you’ll have 25 alternatives instantly. Make it an elephant shaped white sofa frosted with surgical masks, you have it. It is impossible to not be impressed by the authenticity and variety of the result Dall-E gives you.

Please see some stunning examples below and see the link to Open AI’s original article about much more detail about this brilliant piece of cutting-edge technology."